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                Welcome Message

                Introduction to the 2020 Fall Meeting of the Chinese Physical Society

                The CPS Fall Meeting was initiated in 1999, and has been held in every September since then. During last 20 years, we witnessed its rapid growth from about 300 participants in 1999 to over 5500 in 2019.  It is one of the most important academic occasions for Chinese physicists. Since 2020, we will cosponsor with Institute of Physics, United Kingdom to establish a joint session “Topological Materials, Physics and Devices”. This session will be held on 18-20 September, 2020 in Beijing, China.

                Topological Materials, Physics and Devices (Sep. 18-20, 2020)

                • Local Coordinator:
                  Prof. Xian-Gang Wan

                  (Nanjing University, China)

                • International Coordinator:
                  Dr. Tim Smith

                  (IOP Publishing, UK)

                Topology is a mathematical concept describing properties of systems that are invariant under smooth deformations. Quantum materials with properties that are invariant under topological transformations are known as topological materials. Topological materials showcase intriguing physical properties defying expectations based on conventional materials, and hold promise for the development of devices with new functionalities. This session is to bring experts in this field together to share the recent developments in fundamental and applied aspects of broad classes of topological quantum systems and the synergy between them.

                The main subjects may include (1) topological (crystalline) insulators, (2) Dirac and Weyl semimetals, (3) magnetic topological insulators, (4) topological states in AMO, (5) bosonic topological systems, (6) interacting topological systems, (7) classification of topological materials, (8) topological superconducting and quantum computing, (9) nonhermitian topological systems, etc. These topics may cover a variety of theoretical, computational and experimental advances in this area.

                This session is jointly organized by CPS and IOP. About 30 active scientists will be invited to give talks in this symposium. We hope to make it informative, encouraging young scientists and graduate students for participation.

                Download:Conference Brochure.pdf

                Live link:  /i3t3vx/topological/video

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                Email: cps2020@lzu.edu.cn