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                Welcome Message

                Chinese Physical Society Fall Meeting (CPS Fall Meeting) is an annual conference hosted by the Chinese Physical Society. It has been held in every September since 1999 with the participated members rapidly increasing from initial 300 in 1999 to 5500 in 2019. As one of the most important academic events for Chinese physicists, it aims to bring physicists in various fields to share the research progresses and explore new ideas and opportunities from industry, academia, and major labs.

                This year, CPS 2021 Fall Meeting will be held from 16th to 18th of September in Lanzhou University. In this 2021 Fall Meeting, we will work with America Physics Society (APS) to cosponsor a session themed on “Energy & Sustainability”. This joint session will broadly cover cutting-edge research topics related to renewable energy and sustainability, including solar energy conversion, carbon neutrality, thermal and mechanical energy harvest and management, batteries/fuel cells, catalysts, to name a few. It is an integrated context of scientific, technological and sociological complexities related to energy, the environment and sustainability.

                CPS Fall Meeting 2021
                Energy & Sustainability

                (September 18-19)

                Local Session Conveners

                • Hong Li

                  (Institute of Physics, CAS)

                • Yibo Wang

                  (Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS)

                International Session Conveners

                • Qiaoqiang Gan

                  (University at Buffalo, SUNY)

                • Zakya Kafafi

                  (Lehigh University)

                Hosted By

                Sponsored by

                Contact Us

                Email: cps2021@lzu.edu.cn